Who am I?

Eric Matthew Richardson, a writer, composer, and whatever else that lives in Chicago, Illinois. I mostly work on musical theatre, but have also been dipping into weird DIY projects and some interactive stuff. You can check out my portfolio website here.

What is an Anti-Blog?

I don't know.

But really, what is it?

The modern-day blog is a perfect reflection of the digital hellscape we're currently living in. Bloated. Generic. Advertised to hell. I can't tell you how many times I've run a search for some simple information, only to be confronted with page after page of spammy "articles" regurgitating the same targeted search phrase in a desperate attempt to obtain my precious clicks. Just let me know what channel the Cavs are on, I don't need a whole three-paragraph writeup about cable package pricing.

So this space is a reaction to that. A return to form. An attempt to rebuild the promise of the old, weird internet. No ads, no data collection. Probably clunky as hell. Whatever the opposite of SEO is, I want to be that.

But really, it's just whatever I find interesting.


  1. I wanted a space to collect my thoughts and post whatever else I'm working on that doesn't need to appear on my portfolio. Articles, projects, podcast appearances, events, etc.
  2. I wanted that space to be something that I owned.
  3. I wanted a little DIY project.
I'm teaching myself how to develop for the web so I can be from the oppressive chains of subscription tech companies. I started out by building my portfolio site, but also wanted to learn how to use a static site generator. I made this using Eleventy.

What can you expect?

Who knows! I'm loosely committing to writing at least one thing per month, but we all know how that goes. Maybe a book or movie review. Maybe some political thing. Maybe a journal of what I'm working on that month.

I also don't really have a view counter on here, so for all I know, I'm just farting into the void.