Oct 11, 2022

Stephen Sondheim's Company

This One Goes to 11

This One Goes to 11
This One Goes to 11 has me on to prove that the 2006 Broadway Revival Cast Recording of Stephen Sondheim's Company is a true 11 out of 10 album.

Ep. 22: Eric Matthew Richardson Nominates Stephen Sondheim's "Company (2006 Broadway Revival Cast Recording)"

Here's to Chicago-based composer, Cinderella's Prince, and all-around swell fella Eric Matthew Richardson as he makes a case for the 2006 Broadway revival cast recording of Stephen Sondheim's Company. Everybody rise!

Listen to Eric's appearance on the Putting It Together podcast talking about the "Co-Op" episode of Documentary Now! And check out his online interactive horror-comedy musical experience The LEA Project.

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