Dec 11, 2019

"Overture" from Company

Putting It Together

Putting It Together
My return to Putting It Together to discuss the opening number to the Sondheim classic.

"Overture" – Company (with Eric Matthew Richardson)

Company was the "coming out" of Stephen Sondheim as a composer to be reckoned with. In this episode Eric Matthew Richardson returns to talk about the 1970s, minimalism, and why a show that shouldn't work absolutely does.

About Putting It Together

This is a podcast about Stephen Sondheim's entire body of work show by show and song by song. Each week Kyle Marshall invites an expert to discuss a Sondheim song in-depth. Together they discover the humour, how the songs inform character, and any hidden meanings. Most importantly they try to understand the man behind the music, the Shakespeare of our time, as best they can.

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